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Peggy Wilson info@qosina.com
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Area of business Clean Room Equipment, Supplies and Services

Components, Parts, Original Equipment Manufacturers

Laboratory Equipment


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About us
Qosina, founded in 1980, is a leading global supplier of thousands of components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We invite you to explore our web site, browse our catalog, or visit us at one of the industry trade shows for a one-to-one meeting.

Qosina is eager to assist you by:
Sending same-day samples from our thousands of stock components such as lipid resistant stopcocks, luers, ports, caps, tuohy-borst adapters, USP Class VI tubing, spikes, instrument guards, drip chambers, filters, hemostasis valves, plastisol connectors, checkvalves, wye connectors, torquers, slide, pinch and roller clamps
Supporting your production requirements with just-in-time delivery from our huge inventory in our ISO 9001:2000/ISO 14001:2004 Registered 50,000 square foot climate-controlled facility
Sourcing custom parts or modifying an existing tool for you
Providing kit components, including forceps, scissors, syringes, sponges, gloves, applicators, swabs, masks, bowls, suction tips, gauze, latex-free rubber bands and CSR wraps

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