RAM s.r.l.

Via Germania, 14
35127 Camin / Padova

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Company Profile

Company Profile
RAM is an Italian company founded in Padua, Italy in 1982 by initiative of dr. Piergiorgio Abate. Its business is manufacturing and trading medical devices.

The company initially grew up trading occupational health devices in the Italian market, like audiometers, silent booths, spirometers, ECG and vision test machines – availing itself of prestigious international representations (e.g. Danplex, Fukuda Sangyo, Essilor, Dr. Lange).

Thanks to the experience grown along decades in the sector, RAM could select the very best products, combining quality with service, thus reassuring the most demanding clientele.

At present this trade is conducted by means of an extensive sales network, covering the whole of the Italian territory.

RAM has later developed and brought to very high standards a set of professional treadmills. Its destination may either be the exercise stress testing centres at hospitals or private clinics, as well as gyms or fitness centres.

The main feature of the latest treadmill models, besides their general sturdiness and accuracy, is that they may be interfaced with the major diagnostic systems for stress testing present in the market, such as those used for cardiology and ergo-spiromtry tests.

Only through a valuable experience jointly with a rare flexibility, we have succeeded in combining functionality with a deliberate attention to style – shaping out an authentic jewel of mechanics and electronics.

No wonder then if this complete and versatile machine has met with success through its sales network the world over.

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