Rebstock Instruments GmbH

In Weiheräcker 7
78589 Dürbheim

Phone: +49 7424 6734
Fax: +49 7424 4334



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Managing Director / Dieter Rebstock Rebstock Instruments GmbH, In Breiten 12, 78589 Dürbheim-Tuttlingen, Tel.: +49 7424 6734, Fax: +49 7424 4334
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Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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About us

REBSTOCK Instruments – Safety for Surgeon and Patient

This guarantee is given by our high-quality instruments and implants.

Quality and Precision in all Details

All manufacturing processes in our company are subject to this top-aim. Starting with the procurement of selected raw materials in accordance with the internationally prevailing standards, our process relevant manufacture is set up with most modern machines and tools, highly trained craftsmen, constant quality controls in each production phase and finalized by the despatch of the goods and the guaranteed after-sales-service – nothing is left to casualty.

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