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Company Profile

Company Profile

ReGenLab has been founded in 2003. The founder, Antoine Turzi law graduate, has solid entrepreneur experience in medical and non-medical field and received granted two patents used in ReGenLab. The company currently assembles expertise in several medical fields e.g.: regenerative medicine, chronic wound care, and possesses Life Science Industry experience of 25 years gathered in international environment.
The company secured during the past two years the adequate intellectual property protection, product registration (CE 1250), company QS certification (ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 by SQS) and started selling ReGenPRP-Kit in Europe. The ReGenLab’s team is currently focused on further product refinement in order to meet the various market needs as well as market channel development to increase the sales revenues.
Recently granted patent of new technology for regenerative bio technology opens new revenue opportunities from the same market segment.

Swissmedic accreditation since 2004

SQS (Swiss Association for Quality & Management Systems)

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