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Roche – We innovate healthcare

With its wide range of innovative products, services and the information it provides, Roche Diagnostics is one of the world’s leading healthcare companies. Roche’s consistent development work in the field of integrated health solutions, including prevention, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of diseases, not only brings a multitude of benefits to patients but also takes into account the scarce resources available in the healthcare services. Early detection, treatment and monitoring of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis are just a few examples of Roche’s extensive portfolio.

Roche Diagnostics

With its wide range of products and services, Roche Diagnostics ranks number one globally in the in vitro diagnostics marketplace. The diagnostics division works closely with physicians, specialists in laboratory medicine, and other medical personnel to continue to meet the evolving needs of the progressive business of healthcare. Roche also supplies academic and industrial research institutes with high-quality reagents and systems to meet their diagnostics testing needs.

Roche’s software solutions and comprehensive data management provide a network for centralized and decentralized diagnostics. Laboratory data, measurement values from the ward and comprehensive patient information can therefore be seen at a glance. Roche Diagnostics also makes it possible for the first time to integrate chemistry and immunodiagnostics to provide laboratories with a total Serum WorkArea solution in one modular concept. Based on PCR, Polymerase Chain Reaction, Roche’s Nobel prize-winning discovery, a wide range of supplies for molecular diagnostics is available. An extensive list of services also ensures for each customer a simple, reliable and efficient use of the innovative diagnostic products from Roche Diagnostics.


is the site of the headquarters of Roche Diagnostics GmbH, the center for international logistics for diagnostics, and the development center for diabetes monitoring systems and laboratory analysis systems. About 6,700 people are employed here in the fields of marketing, logistics, production, and research and development.


employs about 3,300 people and is one of the largest biotechnology sites in Europe. Research activities here concentrate on the development of therapeutic active substances and diagnostic systems and reagents.

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