SAKURA International Co., Ltd.

3-1-9,Nihombashi Honcho Chuo-ku
103-0023 Tokyo

Phone: +81-3-3270-1684
Fax: +81-3270-2779


Company Figures
Year of foundation 1958
Area of business Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

Company Profile

SAKURA International Co., Ltd.

Sakura Group is a pioneer in the infection control business as a global total solution provider(GTSP) with wide experience, which consistently supports users of infection-preventive products, including cleaning and sterilization equipment, and systems in their introduction, from planning, through development, manufacturing, installation, operation and management, maintenance to training of personnel.

As the interest and needs for the infection control growing worldwide, Sakura International Co. Ltd., undertaking the overseas business of Sakura Group, is actively developing GTSP operations on the medical, industrial and scientific research and development markets in the world, especially on those of Asia including China, Latin America and Africa. Serving up to the clients’ varied needs with its high technological capability and abundants experiences, Sakura International strives to contribute to the infection control.

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