Schaerer Mayfield Medical AG

Erlenauweg 17
3110 Münsingen

Phone: +41 31 7202200
Fax: +41 31 7202230


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Schaerer Mayfield Medical AG Phone: +41 31 720 22 00, Fax: +41 31 720 22 30
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Year of foundation 1892
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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Schaerer Mayfield Medical AG
Tradition as a Stimulus for Innovation

Schaerer Mayfield Medical AG has been setting standards since 1892 with advances in quality and the manufacture of innovative products. This success story is being continued with the proven product line of mobile operation tables. In addition, Schaerer Mayfield Medical AG complements its range of products with custom manufacturing to support new surgical techniques. In doing so, the company relies on its broad range of experience and partnership with experts in medical practice. Tradition, expertise, specialist partners and company staff members with well-founded know-how form the basis for qualitatively superlative service. With over 115 years of experience as a Swiss company, we will continue to be a reliable partner in future for those in the medical profession.

Innovation, Precision and Expertise

Schaerer Mayfield Medical AG takes on big challenges. The combination of skilled craftsmanship, cutting-edge know-how in medical technology and professionalism in project management define the quality standards of our company. Specialized knowledge and expertise in manufacturing acquired from the wealth of experience of a company that has been in existence for over 115 years are in direct relationship with our customers’ requirements and form the basis for our product development. Technological competence guarantees individual and custom-made solutions, customer-specific services, cost effectiveness and economic viability.

Service is Our Challenge

Services and products from Schaerer Mayfield Medical AG are continuously further developed and matched to the individual requirements of the medical application in question.
Schaerer Mayfield Medical AG also provides a comprehensive program of accessories as well as various services in the area of medical technology. The expertise of our workforce guarantees the best support and service as well as the continuous exchanging of well-founded know-how with respect to the individual requirements of our customers.

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