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Visions, objectives and strategies
Sectra’s vision is to be the world market-leader in selected niche markets. By developing and delivering systems and products that create long-term added value for its customers, Sectra can help innovative technology to benefit as many people as possible.

Working from its strong position in Scandinavia, Sectra is on the way to expanding its operations internationally. Sectra’s growth strategy is based on focusing on expanding niche markets with future growth potential. All of Sectra’s operations shall have the potential to become international leaders, and to contribute to strengthening Sectra’s earnings and brand.

With focus on cost control and profitability, innovative technology, highly skilled and committed employees, a sound internal social climate, close and long-term cooperation with customers and partners and its openness to new opportunities, Sectra is working to achieve the goals that the company has set for itself.

Overall objectives
To establish a strong global brand that stands for high-quality innovative, reliable and cost-effective systems and products.
To apply a customer-guided development approach in all development projects of new technical solutions.
To be as responsive and available to customers, partners and employees as a small company.
To offer the same long-term mindset and trustworthiness as a major company.
Growth objective
To achieve annual average growth 30% over a seven-year period.
Financial and ownership-related objectives
To achieve a profit margin of more than 10%.
To maintain a stable financial status with an equity ratio of more than 30%.
To ensure long-term appreciation of the share price.
Sectra’s overall strategies for achieving these goals may be summarized as follows:

To work together with the most qualified customers to ensure that our systems and products meet the market’s strictest requirements in terms of performance, quality and user-friendliness.
To offer our customers products and systems that create unique added value and contribute to increasing their productivity.
To recruit and cultivate highly qualified employees.
To focus on areas where Sectra has core competence, and to outsource anything that is not a core technology and/or an area of strategic expertise in order to make the company’s deals highly flexible and scalable.
To finance new development projects together with customers or partners in order to ensure that all development work is guided by commercial value-added needs.
To work long-term with strategic and complementary partners to reach a broader geographic market and expand our product offering to customers.

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