Route André Piller 21
1762 Givisiez
B.P. 1 20
1762 Givisiez

Phone: +41 26 4667126
Fax: +41 26 4667129


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Managing Director / Mr. Max Staub for contacts in French and English

Mgr. Sales,Marketing / Mrs.Simone Schweri for contacts in German

SEDIA Deutschland Wieckesweg 8, 44309 DORTMUND, Tel. 0231 / 25 34 62
Company Figures
Sales volume < 1 Mio US $ Export content max. 10% Year of foundation 1980 Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Technology / Occupational Therapy Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals Language: German Language: English Company Profile Electromedical equipment / Medical technology Swiss company manufacturing manometry systems for functional diagnostics (urodynamics, rectal manometry, oesophageal manometry, pediatrics), combined therapy appliances (EMG/stimulation, biofeedback), flow meter, disposable catheters, accessories

SEDI Fibres Optiques
SEDECAL, Sociedad Española de Electromedicina y Calidad S.A.
SED, Societe Etudes Developements

Seegene, Inc
Seers Medical Ltd
SEGUFIX-Bandagen, Das Humane System
SEI EMG S.r.l.
Sei Grup