Sentec AG

Ringstr. 39
4106 Therwil

Phone: +41 61 726-9760
Fax: +41 61 726-9761
Company Figures
Year of foundation 1999
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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Sentec AG

Founded in 1999, SenTec AG is a medical technology company that develops, licenses and markets technologies and products for the noninvasive and continuous monitoring of patient vital signs. SenTec AG gained attention and worldwide appreciation due to its digital sensors for noninvasive ventilation and oxygenation monitoring. SenTec AG meanwhile has become a prominent player in this field with its products and solutions being used in healthcare environments worldwide.

For the future SenTec AG intends to strengthen further its position in the world market and to succeed by innovative solutions that help clinicians to provide better patient care as well as by outstanding customer support. Gladly we take care of your projects, problems and inquiries, and we offer our full attention and commitment in order to find reliable solutions.

SenTec AG is committed to provide the medical community with innovative and reliable products for noninvasive and continuous monitoring of vital parameters, contributing in this way to higher patient safety and care effectiveness.

SenTec has a threefold approach to excellence: we focus on Market Achievements, Leadership Performance and Resource Management. We are determined to provide results that go beyond the expected. We believe that our employees’ skills are the key to success. A responsible use of all involved resources is a key-issue of our business ethics.

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