Shaoxing Zhengde Surgical Dressing Co., Ltd.

Gaobu Town
312035 Gaobu, Shaoxing, Zhejiang
China (Rep.)

Phone: +86 575 8877-2635
Fax: +86 575 8808-9013

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Shirley Zhao Tel: 0086-575-8770767
Company Figures
Number of employees 1000-4999
Sales volume 1-9 Mio US $
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1993
Area of business Electrical and Electronic Components

Company Profile

About us
Shaoxing Zhengde Surgical Dressing Co., Ltd. a leading Chinese private-owned manufacturer providing a complete line of surgical dressings, currently owns 50000m2 of production facilities, and employs 1200 skilled workers.

Zhengde’s achievement comes from its persistent efforts to innovate machinery and equipment, standardize quality control systems, research and develop new products, and cultivate a customer oriented service approach.

Newly-imported equipment enable a fully automatic production process, from materials inputting to final packaging, and thus eliminate body contact with the products and minimizes initial bacteria number.

To offer quality products in the global market is one of Zhengde’s core principles, accordingly, the company has invested heavily in improving quality. in 1998, it obtained ISO9002 Certificate from CCIB and in April 2000 it was granted by Germany-based TUV the ISO9002 Certificate,En46000 certificate, and CE Marking Certificate, Implementation of a computerized information system in July 2000 guarantees product quality and delivery.

Capitalizing on these successes, Zhengde has opened up European and North American markets as well as other areas around the world. with a high reputation among its customers ,its market share promises to keep growing.

Zhengde is moving aggressively by continuing its commitment to quality products, competitive prices, and effective customer service.

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