SurgiTel/General Scientific Corp.

77 Enterprise Dr.
48103 Ann Arbor, MI

Phone: +1 734 996-9200
Fax: +1 734 662-0520


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President and CEO – B.J. Chang, Ph. D. Tel: 800.959.0153 Ext. 4428, Fax: 734.662.0520
Company Profile


More than anything else, our customers define who we are as a company.
And, one customer at a time, SurgiTel’s Vision is to become the global leader in surgical telescope and headlight technology.
Our products have already helped clincians in over 40 countries to see, feel, and work their best.
Below are some other things about us that we hope will encourage you to get to know our company and our products.

Optical History

Since 1932, SurgiTel’s parent company, General Scientific Corporation (GSC), has been an established leader in optical technology.
GSC has designed and manufactured quality optics for clinical, aerospace, commercial, and scientific applications for over 70 years.
With that advanced optical experience and extensive ergonomic research, we created the SurgiTel product line engineered with both the highest optical performance and patented ergonomic designs.

Learn more about GSC and SurgiTel’s company history.
Patented Technology

SurgiTel is not the oldest telescope company around, but as true pioneers in the industry,
SurgiTel was the first to develop products that not only focused on vision, but on ergonomics as well.
Our patented designs validate that fact.

Learn more about some of SurgiTel’s patented designs and The ErgoVision Advantage.
Best Product Partnerships

Since we feel our products are the best, we only partner with the best.
An example of this is our exclusive partnership with Oakley®.
Through this partnership, we alone can provide our customers with the best in performance eyewear through Oakley’s world-renowned products and style.

At SurgiTel, we do not settle for second-rate or “knock-off” quality in our products, therefore, we would never settle in choosing lower quality in the products we partner with.
Made in the USA
Quality-certified company

Our company headquarters and manufacturing facility are both located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Because our SurgiTel ErgoVision HD telescopes are manufactured in-house here in the USA, as opposed to having this work outsourced elsewhere, we are able to maintain the highest quality and precision standards for your telescopes.

GSC is also an ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485:2003 Medical Device quality system certified company. This means our company has been independently audited and proven to meet the highest of quality standards

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