Alltion (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd.

Suite B, 11/F., Lijing Tower, Cathay Plaza, No. 18, Zhongshan Road
541000 Wuzhou, Guangxi
China (Rep.)

Phone: +86 774 2836101
Fax: +86 774 2836101


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About Alltion microscope
Alltion microscope always has the latest and most models for you to choose.

Alltion (Wuzhou) Co., Ltd. is a specialized and diversified exporter of most China’s optical instruments. Biological microscopes,Stereo microscopes,Metallurgical Microscopes,Industrial microscope, Surgery Operating Microscope, Dental and ENT Operating Microscopes, Ophthalmic Operating Microscopes and Colposcopes, including their accessories, optical lenses and components, you can find most China’s sources of optical instruments in this web site.

With the high quality, perfect quality guarantee, reasonable prices, flexible and favorable payment terms and good services. We promise that our microscopes will become best-selling products in your market.

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