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What hydroelectrophoresis®is
Biomolecular Transfer: transdermal transport Hydroelectrophoresis® is a new form
of transport which allows active ingredients to be vehiculated into the interstitial cellular spaces through the cutis. This takes place by means of Hydrofor� medical device whichfunctions as a “virtual syringe”, with the needle replaced by an electrical wave suitable for conveying the active ingredients.
The active ingredient may be vehiculated to different depths depending on the complaint to be treated.

A winning trio!
In order for transdermal transport by means of hydroelectrophoresis® to take
place, three fundamental elements are essential: a specific form of wave able to diffuse the active ingredients;
a special gel which can link itself to the active ingredients in order to transport them;
a particular polarization chamber (the dispenser) where �the linking� of the active ingredient and the gel takes place.

A non-invasive method
Thanks to hydroelectrophoresis® the active ingredients reach the cellular receptors directly and more quickly in the predetermined quantity, therefore rendering the method therapeutically more effective. The therapeutic action is direct, without involving the blood stream.

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