Chengdu Puth Medical Plastics Packaging Co., Ltd.

No. 5 Baicao Road, Western Hi-tech Zone
611731 Chengdu, Sichuan
China (Rep.)

Phone: +86 28 87988686
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Company Profile

About us
Chengdu PUTH Medical Plastics Packaging Co, ltd. ( hereinafter as PUTH Medical) was founded in March 2006. it’s a subsidiary company of Wuliangye-Push Group. “Practice and innovation, people oriented”, with this managerial concept, we dedicate to develop medical plastic products.

PUTH medical has three Centers (QC center, R&D center and mould center) and three business divisions (Medical Packaging, Medical device, and Medicine OEM business), as well as three whole-owned subsidiaries (AUKE medical plastics、PUTH pharmaceuticals and the pharmaceutical industry design institute).We have three manufacture bases (Base A, B and C).

Considering the trend of market development, we are searching for compliance with international market, and dedicate to develop and innovate on the field of medical plastic packaging, medical device and medicine OEM etc., and to be the promoter of modern health undertakings.

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