C./ Aragon 271, planta 6
08007 Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 2135917
Fax: +34 93 2135917
Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1990
Area of business Diagnostics

Company Profile

Chronolab has started as a company specialized in medical laboratory diagnostics, production and distribution of diagnostic reagents as well as in providing laboratories with laboratory equipment.
After several years of growing business, we decided to improve our strategy and introduce something completely new in laboratory diagnostics. In the early 90s Chronolab started with digital image analysis and its transfer, aiming to enable experts to look at the image of blood smear, which is being microscopically examined in Casablanca, by transferring it in live to colleague and expert in San Antonio and enabling their friend in Bern to give his comments.
The next step was inclusion of experts in the project, which used the first cognition in the field of artificial inteligence and it has led us to multimedia programs, which we continued to develop so far.

Chronolab’s programs are result of a long term work incorporating scientific knowledge and laboratory experience, assigned not only to doctors as a help with assesment of laboratory results which they use as a basis for decision, but to biochemists swamped with routine work and responsibility for results and students hungry for knowledge as well.

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