Concateno Plc.

92 Milton Park
OX14 4RY Abingdon, Oxfordshire
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1235 861483
Fax: +44 1235 835607


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Karon Hawthorne Tel: 44-1235-861483
Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 50-99 Mio US $
Export content max. 25%
Year of foundation 2005
Area of business Laboratory Equipment


About Us
Concateno is a global provider of drug and alcohol testing products and services; we also manufacture and distribute pathology and immunology products to forensic and clinical laboratories.

Having expertise in all drug testing methodologies enables us to offer impartial, best fit solutions backed by unrivalled service and the highest levels of audited standards in the industry.

Concateno have brought together the leading drug and alcohol testing companies in Europe (Altrix, Cozart, Euromed, Medscreen, Spinreact and Trichotech) to form a service provider with the facilities to test all biological samples.

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