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25039 Travagliato

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Year of foundation 1961

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About Conf Plastic S.r.l.

Company Conf Plastic was established in December 1961, the first headquarters were located near the town center in Travagliato – Brescia.
At the beginning, the company developed modular containers with plastic tubular structures (and this is the origin of the company’s name). Soon after this initial production, a line of welded steel and stainless steel structures with plastic covered sides was developed. The plastic structures, in the meantime, were improved and extended with new shapes and realized in moplen extrusion.

In 1975, due to the increase of the demand, Conf Plastic moved to the actual premises in Via Casaglia, where two buildings were built side by side on an area of ca. 10,000 square metres. The first building became the seat of Conf Plastic while the other one was initially let.
The first customers came from the Textile Industries since, at that time, this sector was enlarging, and subsequently came the demand from the water laundries. These were expanding their activities and, therefore, our tubular containers were very welcome due to their structure versatility and rustproof.
In the meantime, the company was developing the production by realizing welded steel structures whose dimensions, features and functionality covered a wide range of uses.
Since the beginning, the peculiarity of this company has been to solve the different problems of the customers, in particular as far as in-house handling is concerned. For this reason, besides the standard production, we started to manufacture trolleys and containers on customer request.
At the beginning of the ‘70s , the first catalogues with the standard production items were printed and updated. The customers took and still take them as a reference to find the typology of the standard model. From the basic model it is then possible to modify the shape and the dimensions as per customer request.
At the beginning of the 80s, Conf Plastic started – as a first experience – manufacturing trolleys and containers in light alloy, which were demanded on the market.
Slowly this new production got the upper hand. New technologies for aluminium welding, drawn pieces and sheet metal bending were introduced. Enquiries about the best alloys as concerns their endurance and machinability were made.
Due to the increase in the demand, we extended – where possible – our building. An aluminium anodic oxidation plant was built.
Thanks to the European exhibitions, our production – mostly based on containers and trolleys in aluminium – reached the International market.
New important ranges of products – such as our aluminium alloy containers and trolleys for collecting personal and confidential data – have been introduced. New market sectors have been explored: e.g., the HI-Tech furnishing or the production of special containers for the automated collection of tomatoes ant the logistic in the sanitarian structure .
In consideration of the competitiveness on the Italian and European markets, Conf Plastic improved its quality and deliveries and obtained the ISO 9001 certification from TUV (Italy) in 1998.
In these last years the company has increased notably here own productive investments, increasing the also the productive surface up to 9000 m and bought new machinery for laser sheet cutting, automated bending and welding lines have been set up without changing its own global vision: to realize and personalize structures able to meet special requests from different companies.

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