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About us

connectBlue is a leading provider of wireless solutions for demanding applications in segments like industrial automation, medical, instrumentation, diagnostics, logistics / transportation, vehicles and point of sales. Based on Bluetooth® technology, WLAN and 802.15.4 connectBlue provides ready-to-use products and modules as well as custom design solutions in both hardware and software.

connectBlue has been awarded the following:

“Most innovative industrial product”, Bluetooth Web Enabler, Scanautomatic Nov 2001.
“Fastest growing communication company in Sweden”, Deloitte Nov 2005.
The complete solution – products, engineering services and training
Any device can be enabled with WLAN and Bluetooth technologies using connectBlue´s products. The customer can choose to develop and install solutions themselves using the industrial products, OEM products and advanced development platform for efficient implementation, or the customer can benefit from the complete range of engineering services. When there are special requirements for such factors as size or power consumption, connectBlue´s extensive experience and expertise help to realize the optimal combination of hardware and software and create the most cost efficient product.

connectBlue supports the customer throughout the whole process from feasibility studies to full product management of both hardware and software products. Through the Bluetooth University, connectBlue offer a comprehensive program to meet all of the educational needs. One can learn about Bluetooth technology in general or one can learn and practice how to implement Bluetooth technology in one´s products and applications.

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