Demeditec Diagnostics GmbH

Lise-Meitner-Str. 2
24145 Kiel

Phone: +49 431 71922-0
Fax: +49 431 71922-55


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Produktmanager/Dr. rer. nat. Arndt Stüber Telefon: +49(0)431 – 719 22 60, Telefax: +49(0)431 – 719 22 55

Produktmanagerin/Susanne Krause Will Telefon: +49(0)431 – 719 22 30, Telefax: +49(0)431 – 719 22 55
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About Us

Since the foundation in 1987, Demeditec Diagnostics has rapidly grown to become a successful and reliable supplier for in-vitro diagnostics. Currently we are happy to present an extensive product panel of radioactive (RIAs) and non-radioactive (ELISAs and PCR) test kits.
Our customers are laboratories in the domestic market and abroad. These mainly are private laboratories, hospitals, universities, and other research institutions. Outside of Germany we are supplying distributors and laboratories as well.

The main product lines in ELISA and RIA technology cover the area of endocrinology, bone metabolism, nephrology, biogenic amines/neurotransmitters, tumor markers, autoimmunity, infectious disease, and special immunology research products.

Recently Demeditec has added PCR-testkits and rapid tests for selected diagnostic applications. Demeditec is giving special attention to the upcoming diagnostic area of wellness by offering diagnostic testkits for allergy, food intolerance, and saliva testing of free steroid hormones. Our international product managers and our customer service people are specialized in giving reliable and immediate support for any scientific or technical problems.

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