DENAS MC Corporation

15, Ac. Postovsky Str.
620146 Ekaterinburg

Phone: +7 343 2673817
Fax: +7 343 2673817


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Alexander Ryavkin President, Postowskogo 15, 620146 Ekaterinburg, Russland, Telefon: (+7-343)2672330, Fax: (+7-343)2672330
Company info

DENAS MS Corporation from the very beginning of its activity had the noble goals: to get its own success, making the other people more successful and happy. The DENAS device – the domestic doctor has returned to many Russian families not only health, but also has given the financial well-being, has opened the door in a new sated and high-grade life.

DENAS MS. Moving towards a new life
Denas MS Corporation is the leader among Russian companies, stable and reliable partner which causes admiration by changes of its development.

We produce the high-quality goods for health, using the most advanced technologies and the last achievement of medicine and engineering idea.
We give all necessary knowledge to the people who have decided to build their own prosperity, working with us and our production.
We always strive for being the leader on the market of the goods for health, giving our clients a wide spectrum of production with the affordable prices.
We help to solve problems of the people in the sphere of health and training, we derive pleasure from smiles and success of our clients.
We strive for the unity of all involved in Corporation in a single team, in which professionalism, responsibility and devotion to the company are highly appreciated.
We are proud of our success and the success of all the partners of Corporation.
We give a new life, which gives health and confidence in tomorrow’s day!

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