Dr. J. Hänsler GmbH OZONOSAN

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Geschäftsführung – Dr. Viebahn renateviebahn@t-online.de

Technische Geschäftsführung – Stefan Höfele stefan.hoefele@ozonosan.de

Vertrieb – Harald Mölders harald.moelders@ozonosan.de
Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Year of foundation 1958
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

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Dr. J. Hänsler GmbH OZONOSAN

1958 – 2008
50 years Dr. J.Hänsler OZONOSAN – 50 years medical ozone

Both from an environmental and from a medical point of view, ozone is rapidly gaining in importance. Impressive results have confirmed the success of topic and systemic applications of medical ozone. Its indications range from arterial circulatory disorders through microbial and viral infections and the complementary treatment of tumours to the treatment of external ulcers and skin lesions.

It was in 1959 that Dr. Hänsler, the founder of the company now named after him, was granted the first patent in the field of medical ozone application. His equipment series called OZONOSAN, the tradename registered as a result, developed rapidly. In fact, its version additionally designated “PM 58” represented a milestone in his history of ozone therapy, as it made exact O3 dosage possible for the first time.

Now, in 2008, our units, the OZONOSAN alpha plus, the OZONOSAN photonik and the OZONOSAN boardcase, are setting new standards: the integration of a photometric measuring / dosing unit with autocalibration and continuous ozone level control are an absolute guarantee for permanent quality control. Our factory runs a quality management system and has received official recognition, for which reason all our products our marked with CE 0535 by EUROCAT.

HÄNSLER OZONOSAN has consistently supported and performed basic research in ozone therapy to guarantee its safe and hygienic use, thus contributing to its introduction, further development and application in indications nowadays accepted as classical. In addition, our company now holds a series of patents in medical ozone usage and O3 disinfection, many of which have either become a marketing reality or will reach the market within the very near future.

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