Dr. Langer Medical GmbH

Fabrik Sonntag, Haus 4a
79183 Waldkirch

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Heike Langer Tel.: +49 (0)7681 47454-0
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Number of employees 20-49
Year of foundation 1996
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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About Us
The Dr. Langer GmbH was founded by Dr. Andreas und Heike Langer at 1996. After his study of Biomedical Engineering and Bionics Dr. Langer finished his doctoral thesis after another 4 years of scientific research in the field of physiological signal acquisition and analysis in 1992. Heike Langer is specialised on designing system integrating interfaces, which are required to add peripheral devices and software applications to hospital information systems as well as planning and developing database applications and outcome report software.

Many projects ordered by well known medical device manufacturers and hospitals have been finished successfully until the end of the 90th. Complex outcome analysis and report software, multimodal physiological signal acquisition and analysis systems for experimental purposes and communication interfaces between devices of different vendors are some examples.

The exceedingly experienced Team around Dr. Langer started to design and manufacture its own medical devices product family mainly for intraoperative neurological monitoring in the following years.
The real situation of medical devices application in hospital departments and operation theatres have been carefully studied with the following results before.

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