Engemed Indústria e Comercio Ltda

85 – Pq. Santana
08730.660 Mogi das Cruzes / SP

Phone: +55 11 4722.4866


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

R. Jardelina de Almeida Lopes 85 – Pq. Santana, 08730.660 Mogi das Cruzes / SP, Brasilien, Telefon: +55 11 4722.4866
Company Figures
Year of foundation 1996
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

Engemed Indústria e Comercio Ltda
Founded in São Paulo (SP – Brazil) in 1996 as an electro-medicine technical assistance company, Engemed prides itself on the expertise it’s built in the fields of Intra and Extracorporeal Lithotripsy.

To make sure customers are promptly serviced both in Brazil and Latin America, in 1997 the company relocated to Mogi das Cruzes (SP), only 20 minutes away from Guarulhos International Airport.

With customers in over 400 cities in Latin America, Engemed is in a process of enhancement and expansion of its products and services into the areas of orthopedics, radiology, cardiology and aesthetics. Furthermore, the company keeps an up-to-date inventory of parts and consumables for prompt delivery.

Thanks to its professional management and constant staff technical training through courses in Brazil and overseas, Engemed’s executives have created “Engemed Indústria”, a factory designed to develop medical equipment.

In operation since 2006, the factory already holds a Certificate of Good Practices of Manufacture and Control issued by ANVISA (Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency).

Engemed has always believed in serious work and constant development; that’s why it’s invested so frequently in staff training and in shaping a solid organizational structure, able to perpetuate its activities.

100% Brazilian, the company, together with its customers, is a co-author of our country’s social-economic context and contributes and looks forward to its development.
As for the future, Engemed wants nothing but to keep providing customers with the adequate and continuous operation of their equipment, with safe parameters for their patients and high service and product credibility.

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