Envisionier Medical Technologies, Inc.

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20850 Rockville, MD

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Envisionier medical technologies, LLC is the world leader in palmable endoscopic technologies. Our debut product, the endogo® palmable endoscopic camera, is the world’s first battery operated, portable, hand-held endoscopic video camera with integrated viewing and archiving capability which fits in the palm of your hand. Envisionier is able to offer the imaging performance typically found in expensive and bulky systems in the palm of your hand.

This breakthrough will transform and expand the worldwide endoscopic market by serving existing clinical markets more efficiently and creating new point-of-care applications where endoscopic visualization technologies were either too cumbersome or too expensive to be used before. Uniquely, the endogo is designed to be used in any clinical environment in which an endoscope can be used. It is not a limited clinical tool to be used for a single clinical application.

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