epimedical Ltd., liab Co.

Schneggenhubel 9
6064 Kerns

Phone: +41 56 624 02 83
Mobile: +41 76 540 30 94
Fax: +41 56 624 33 12

Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

customer support – epishoes sabrina.spuler@epimedical.ch

customer support – South America lucia.giannini@epimedical.ch

customer support – surgical products gaetano.lucariello@epimedical.ch

managing director vincenzo.carrieri@epimedical.ch
Company Profile

epimedical is a company working mainly in the area of surgical orthopedics and medical footwear (epishoes). We provide innovative products and services of highest quality and enable improvements in the healthcare market worldwide. Our customers benefit from our big and elaborated portfolio.

Please find the newest update of our product portfolio on our unique online eShop: www.epimedical.ch

We provide you access to a more detailed presentation of our innovative products and services (certificates can be downloaded online).

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