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Introduction of CME
CME is the abbreviation of Shenzhen China Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. It is well known that CME has been committed to the promotion and sales work of the display equipment of Chinese medical endoscopes for many years, and has established good cooperational relationship with many famous endoscopes factories in China . Meanwhile, CME has the fine tradition of “long-term cooperation and mutual development” developed with the above partners, take the slogan of “Improve the image quality of endoscopes comprehensively” as its own task in order to make contributions to the health of human beings.

At present, CME 1CCD micro color camera KS822 and 3CCD micro color cameras US522 , US732 are the most popular display equipments in the Chinese medical market, In addition, CME also have independently developed optical Mounts which can “rank with the world’s top brands “.

“Your Health, Our Promise” is the principle and the goal of CME. CME have both skilled experts team and dedicated sales team, what’s more, CME have ambitious aspiration of benefiting the human beings and making substantial return to the society. We firmly believe, under the supports of friends from all walks, CME will make due contributions to the health cause of human beings.

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