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Ergoline`s success formula lies in the focus on key competence in the field of ergometric measurement systems and cardiological rehabilitation. An abundance of ideas and particularly the quality of the products have led to the present strong position in the domestic and international marketplace.

Already the first development in 1986 was an incomparable success story.
The ER 900 ergometer re-defined ergometrics and is today still in a class of its own.
More than 25,000 ergometers of this series are being used in surgeries, clinics, sports- medicine centres and rehabilitation institutes worldwide.
Widely differing variations in connection with versatile expansion possibilities offer the correct solution for every area of use. Leading ECG manufacturers have integrated this ergometer (partly using their own brand name ) for years in their ergonometry measurement settings and confide in the quality, tried and tested technical expertise and ergonomical design.

During the years, Ergoline`s product range has consistently expanded, in close co-operation with the people using these products in clinics and surgeries.
From table and crank handle ergometers up to special table ergometers for dynamic echo-stress cardiography, Ergoline is presently the only German company which offers such an all-round range of products dealing with ergometric stress units.
The experience with blood pressure measurement systems was used further, in order to manufacture supplementary products for cardivascular diagnosis. In this way, an economical and compact system for long-term blood pressure measurement was developed, which is being used successfully all over the world. The first automatic table blood pressure measurement system with common gateway interface was initially introduced at Medica 2002.

Ergoline realised at an early stage that the opportunity for the future lay in cardiological rehabilitation. Based on the aim to do things better, innovative systems for rehabilitation of in-and outpatients was developed. Up to now, more than 270 devices have been installed worldwide – which excel in stability, functionality and user-friendly software.

Ergoline sees its competence not only in providing user-friendly systems but also in further education of its clients. Ergoline academy`s sports specialists and therapists offer, in addition to training with the complex Rehabilitation devices and software, seminars on e.g. training.

The new Ergoline marketing and service network is organised with trained and authorised traders, close to customers.
They are responsible for advising, carrying out complete installation of devices on customers`premises, and training the operators and their staff on how the devices work. Quick and professional customer service is guaranteed.

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