ergosana GmbH Ergometer u. Blutdruckmessgeräte

Truchtelfinger Str. 17
72475 Bitz
Postfach 61 11
72475 Bitz

Phone: +49 7431 98975-0
Fax: +49 7431 98975-15


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Dieter Beck ergosana GmbH, Truchtelfinger Str.12, 72475 Bitz, Fon:07431-9897510, Fax:07431-9897515

Betriebsleiter Harald Neukirchner ergosana GmbH, Truchtelfinger Str.12, 72475 Bitz, Fon:07431-9897514, Fax:07431-9897515
Company Profile

About us
Ergosana GmbH specialises in the development and production of ergometers, blood pressure recorders and treadmills. Our company develops and produces in Southern Germany, and our products are sold world wide.

We attach utmost importance to the easy operation and handling of our products. Convince yourself of our ergometers’ quiet movement and the user-friendliness of our software!

We take the absolute-reliability of the mechanical components and their seamless software connection for granted. With this, we can guarantee to you a productive use of our devices for many years.

It is our vision that our products bring optimum benefit to our customers and that they are always state of the art.

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