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Verkauf/ Naterop Fedor Nebropath GmbH, Siemensstrasse 31, 47533 Kleve
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Nebropath GmbH
Nebropath GmbH was founded as the result of increasing international activity of highly esteemed European medical companies. With many years of experience we can offer you a comprehensive range of products for labs, dissection rooms, autopsy rooms, anatomy examination rooms, section rooms, morticians, veterinary surgeries and morgues.

Nebropath GmbH offers a complete transportation system for quick and safe moving of bodies.
We can meet all your requests on the equipment of morgues, storage of bodies and cooling conditions, such as extended width to accommodate coffins, multi-part doors, asymmetrical doors, doors with locks for storage of forensic material (DNA samples).

The section room, and specifically the table for sections and autopsies, is one of the most important elements in terms of safety and infection exposure. Tables for autopsies and sections are height adjustable to improve working conditions and feature a suction device and a set of sprinklers in the bottom of the bath to provide optimal hygiene.
Our program also comprises tables for washing and dressing bodies. Pathology is yet another, very well developed section of our range of products. This group includes: tables for preparing preparations (histopathology), stations for the utilization of formalin or tables for dyeing.

We also offer a comprehensive assortment of cabinets. These include standing, hanging and fume cabinets, with or without glass panels, and so on. Washbasins and wash stands form another group of products for labs, autopsy rooms or staff preparation rooms. Morgue rooms and related areas can be equipped with stainless steel wall panels that guarantee highest quality and long years of use. Our offer is complimented with accessories such as stools, plastic bag trolleys or tables for instruments. We can customize products for our clients or use their specific designs.

The products we offer are manufactured according to ISO 9001:2000 and medical products have been marked CE for compliance.
As a company with many years of experience, we would like to offer you our consulting services, for every stage of any project.
Nebropath GmbH successfully supplies its products to the European market and has also reached Arabian, African and Asian markets to present its products worldwide.

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