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Geschäftsführer: K. Klinkel-Windmeier s.o.
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Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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One of our main focus is the developement, manufacture and distribution of innovative and ecologically compatible parenteral mixing and intra-venous systems. The products are specifically designed for i.v. therapy and TPN in the NICU/PICU.

We offer a comprehensive range of infusion bags for the i.v. therapy. High quality bags tailered to fit your desires and needs: differnt sizes from 100 up to 5000 ml, light-protected or clear standard bags or of course multiöle chamber bags.

We also can offer a wide range infusion filters for every demand.

Another major market is our medOC-system: optimal compounding with process-controlled dosage pumps for use where solutions have to be quickly and precisely mixed. In addition, our new ‘Easy-Fill’-system is designed for quick and easy filling of syringes.

For us DEHP and latex free products are just a matter of course.

Our know how allows us to provide an optimal product to meet your requirements.

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