Novamed Ltd.

28, Pierre Koenig St. Talpiot Industrial Area
91531 Jerusalem
P.O. Box 5 32 31
91531 Jerusalem

Phone: +972 2 6781861
Fax: +972 2 6781852


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

CEO: Dr. Emil Katz
Company Figures
Number of employees 50-99
Year of foundation 1995
Area of business Diagnostics

Company Profile

Novamed Ltd.
Novamed, Ltd. is a privately owned Israeli life science company founded in December 1995. Since its inception Novamed has been committed to the development of innovative, proprietary diagnostic systems with worldwide marketing potential.

Novamed has become an important player in selected markets by combining user need for a particular application with a cost-effective product. Such products include the patented and FDA approved DipStreak® and Diaslide® culture devices for rapid diagnosis of urinary tract infections and NovaStreak® for detection of microorganisms present in food and dairy products.

Novamed’s new generation RotaStick, AdenoStick and CombiStick (Rota/Adeno) products are direct antigen detection immunochromatographic kits, of the best in Europe, for rapid diagnosis of Rotavirus and Adenovirus infections. Novamed’s RSVStick is a rapid immunochromatographic test for use in the qualitative screening of human nasopharyngeal samples for detection of the presence of respiratory syncytial virus antigen. Novamed’s GonorrheaStick is a rapid One Step immunochromatographic test for the visual detection of gonorrhea antigen in the secretory specimen and urine from urogenital system, as an aid in the diagnosis of gonococcus infection. Novamed’s Strep A Stick, Strep B Stick Fecal Ag, One Step Pregnancy Test , H.pylori are direct, easy-to-use, one-step, highly sensitive tests with minimal specimen manipulation and results are obtained in only 5 min.

The principal improved feature of New Novamed’s Universal Urine Specimen Container is a unique flip-cap for easy and safe access for bacteriological sampling. The urine collected in this device can be transferred, using the sampling ports, to the appropriate testing devices: evacuated tube for chemical analysis and bacteriological analysis devices (sterile loops, dipslide, Diaslide DipStreak).

Novamed’s Uni-Sep and Uni-Sorb line of products have modernized procedures for lymphocyte isolation and separation. Our ECM-coated culture ware has become the standard for growth of adhesion-dependent cell lines.

All Novamed’s products are performance tested in a stringent quality control program, according to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

Novamed maintains a staff of 60 employees engaged in research, development, manufacturing, and sales. The President & CEO, Vice-President for Marketing and department heads are PhDs, with extensive experience in the fields of biochemistry, immunology, clinical and theoretical microbiology.

Novamed’s unique corporate structure enables the company to be both well established with a proven record of success in production, sales and support, while allowing it to be an aggressive “start-up” in regards to development of new products and methodologies.

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