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Direction – CEO Tel: +33 1 43 87 88 13, Fax: +33 1 43 87 70 83, mob: +33 6 80 14 86 09
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Number of employees 1-19
Year of foundation 2006
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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The research work was begun in the mid 80’s by a team in Eastern France, led by Jean Bour, MD, head of a cardiology and critical care unit of a General Hospital. His concern was to develop a non invasive method to measure hemodynamic parameters at rest and during exercise. His studies are based on thoracic electrical bioimpedance concepts, but with enhanced methodology.

At first the approach was merely clinical and empirical. The group collected an extensive patient database, with widely different physio-pathological and hemodynamic parameters, and varying impedance signal patterns. Once the database was etablished, the idea was to categorize signal patterns and find a model based on signal morphology analysis, avoiding measurement of absolute impedance Z0.

He first patented the system in 1993 in France. Validation studies were performed later in French University Hospitals of Strasbourg, Rennes, and Angers. Manatec Biomedical was incorporated in 1995 and started operations in June 1996. Manatec Biomedical started to manufacture and market a first series of devices, called Physio Flow PF-03. These devices derived directly from the last impedance cardiograph prototypes.

After that experience, we have started to market PhysioFlow PF05 Lab1 in 1999, with improved new features and user friendliness. Software has been entirely redesigned under Windows95/98, and CE marking obtained. Manatec Biomedical is ISO13488 certified. Informationsdienste GmbH
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