Physion Co., Ltd.

YMC Karasuma Gojo building 8F, 284 Gojo-Dori, Karasuma Nishiiru,
600-8106 Kyoto

Phone: +81 75 3422717
Fax: +81 75 3422718


Company Figures
Sales volume 200-499 Mio US $
Year of foundation 1993
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

Physion Co., Ltd.

Our characteristic ideas of Research and Development:
To introduce IT and electronic household appliances to the medical instruments field. To perform more rational and mass-productive development for substantial cost reduction.
One of our goals is to contribute to preventive medicine development by making good use of computers, which helps us to store and analyze data easier.
The sensors placed on the body should be used in daily living without uncomfortable feeling. Data capturing is done in daily living as well. (Barrier-free measurement)
To develop instruments which enable us to test internally from the outside a body.
We always keep the Product Liability Law in mind and try our best to clear such issues for further development.
Our nursing instruments should be accessible not only by handicapped people but also by ordinary people, and should be a device that they would like to use.
We take first priority over human rights.
To disclose all the information to the public with our best effort.
June 1993 Set up ‘’Art Heaven Nine Ltd. with ¥3,000,000 capital.
Address: 41-2- Sec.4 Nakanoshim kitaku, Osaka
November 1995 Moved head office to Kyoto Hotel Amex.
Address: Agaru oike kawaramachi St nakagyoku Kyoto
March 1998 Kyoto Venture Evaluation Committee ranked our product ‘’Doctor Call System’’ as A grade.
June 1999 Increased capital to ¥40,000.000 and also reorganized from a limited company to joint-stock corporation.
Moved head office to Kyoto Venture Support Factory.
August 1999 Qualified for R&D project by Kyoto Prefectural Government .(Venture Enterprise Support Law was applied)
R&D theme: Appreciable physical disorder system with 3D acceleration sensor
February 2000 “Medical instruments import and distribution’’ license was given by Kyoto Prefectural Government.
April 2001 Put our first own developed product ‘’ Body Composition measurer’’ on sale.
October 2002 Increased the capital to ¥206,000,000.
May 2004 Moved head office to YMC Karasuma Gojo bldg 8th floor.(284 Daigocho Karasuma nishihairu Gojo Shimogyoku Kyoto)
September 2004 Renamed ‘’Art Heaven Nine’’as’’Physion’’.
January 2005 Increased the capital to ¥214,000,000.
October 2005 Reduced the capital to ¥10,000,000.
September 2007

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