Piezo Motor Uppsala AB

Stålgatan 14
754 50 Uppsala

Phone: +46 18 4895000
Fax: +46 18 4895001


Company Contacts
Department/ Name Address

Bodil Bjernald Marketing Assistant

Olle Lindkvist Global Sales Manager
olle.lindkvist@piezomotor.com Company Figures
Number of employees 20-49
Export content > 75%
Year of foundation 1997
Area of business Electrical and Electronic Components

Company Profile

Company Profile
PiezoMotor AB is one of Sweden’s most promising high-tech companies. Based on over 20 years of innovative micro system and piezo motor research, we now bring to market truly new piezo motor technologies that will forever change the world of micro motors.

At PiezoMotor AB we are dedicated to deliver the best and most cost competitive micro motors for volume applications.

Founded in 1997, PiezoMotor AB develops, manufactures and brings to market several types of micro motors, all based on piezo technology. A number of technological platforms have been developed and successfully patented. Today, PiezoMotor AB holds approximately 50 granted or pending patents.

PiezoMotor AB markets the nano-precision Piezo LEGS® motors and the extremely small PiezoWave™ motors designed for mass volume applications such as handheld devices, digital household electrical appliances, medical technology devices and the automotive industry.

The company has its own in-house manufacturing facility and is currently a supplier of motion solutions to many leading multinational companies. Our customers are key players within consumer electronics, medical technology, factory automation, positioning equipment etc. The customer base is growing rapidly.

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