PolyCine GmbH

Im Gewerbepark Klinkenthal 33
66578 Schiffweiler

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Sales Department PolyCine GmbH, Im Gewerbepark Klinkenthal 33, 66578 Schiffweiler, -Germany-
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Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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PolyCine NON-PVC films and tubes
PolyCine is a company group in the area of plastics processing.
PolyCine specializes in the manufacture and development of NON PVC-films and tubes for medical packaging.
Our product range: IV-bag-films for primary packaging and secondary packaging, peelable films for multi-chamber bags, special films for lipid solutions, films for liquid-powder bags, special non-blocking films for drainage bags, high gas barrier films for primary packaging, films for gas barrier secondary packaging, port-tubes, components for CAPD systems, transfer printing foil and raw materials for the production of ports.We support in all questions concerning the NON-PVC technology and the pharmaceutical production. PolyCine products come from a film and tube extrusion process which is unique in the world and allow producing with very low tolerances and superior product quality.
Our production and office are located in Germany between Frankfurt and Luxembourg.

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