Polygreen Germany GmbH

Ruhlsdorfer Str. 95
14532 Stahnsdorf
Postfach 14 01 52
14301 Stahnsdorf

Phone: +49 3329 697482
Fax: +49 3329 619845
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About us

PolyGreen® is one of the largest manufacturers of non-invasive digital medical diagnostics companies worldwide. We specialize in converting signals from the human body into comprehensible information for the end-user. Following years of continuous development and innovation, we have grown into a diverse biomedical electronic company and manufacture a full range of physiological monitoring devices meeting the needs of our customers and partners worldwide.

Today, our product lines include body temperature, respiratory care, diabetes care, cardiovascular care and wellness. The PolyGreen® products reflect our company values, which are determined by our concept of Sustainable Health and our company values

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