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Engineered Medical Systems, Inc. (EMS) is an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical device products for air management in anesthesia, respiratory and nuclear medicine.

Located in the heart of the Midwest, EMS was started in 1985 and is in a 40,000 sq. ft. operation facility. This facility contains offices, labs, engineering, tooling, manufacturing and assembly in both sterile and GMP environments.

At EMS we develop and produce a wide range of proprietary products for direct distribution worldwide. Our full service engineering department is able to develop new products in our manufacturing operation on a contract basis.

Our mission at Engineered Medical Systems is to build an efficient organization of the highest standards to meet the needs of our customers and the markets they serve. We seek dominant position in medical air management markets where we choose to compete by providing high quality, differentiated products and excellent service. Our thrust for business development is to penetrate existing markets, deliver products and services to new geographic markets and strategically manage our business mix to achieve superior results.

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