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About us
Founded in 2000, Seegene, Inc, has brought a new dimension to PCR which is the core tool in microbiology. We have developed the innovative technologies, ACP (Annealing Control Primer)TM and DPO (Dual Specific Oligonucleotide)TM which maximize the sensitivity and specificity of PCR. These breakthrough technologies have been applied in various fields of genomic research and yielded significant achievements.

Currently, we have provided products and services related to GeneFishingTM, GeneXpTM, DNA Walking, CapFishingTM to over 25 countries including USA, Japan and in Europe. Through the years Seegene had more than 150 papers published and about 250 seminars held. We are continuously offering services to more than 1,000 research institutes worldwide.

In 2006, Seegene released Multiplex PCR diagnostic products using DPOTM technology to the molecular diagnostic market. Since then we are actively engaged in collaboration to develop the automatic detection devices with over 20 national and international medical centers and companies. We are driving business forward, from DPO-PCR related to contents developments for DPO-Chip, DPO-Real time PCR.

In the new year 2007, under the slogan ¡°A Global Company, Seegene¡±, we are planning to establish local corporations in USA and Japan to activate global business. We promise to strive to be a distinguished diagnostic company worldwide. All our members are dedicated to developing detection products for viral or bacterial infections, genetic diseases, mutations, cancers, etc.


Seegene’s recently developed DPOTM Technology is an innovative PCR technology which improves accuracy and speed in virus/bacteria detection regardless of any mutations that may occur. We believe that this technology will be another significant achievement in the history of Seegene which will bring a new trend in diagnostic market.

Seegene hopes to become a company which provides dreams and visions for every Seegene member. “Seegene” is certainly a place to establish various goals and visions as a scientist or a businessman.

Seegene promises to focus, with all the profits and capacities the company holds, on developing every Seegene member as a professional scientist and a bio-businessman.

Moreover, Seegene aims to maximize the company values in the shortest period time so that we can eventually provide Seegene members with high quality lives and pride in the prestigious benefits offered by Seegene.

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