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We at SEQUOIA have focused on becoming a leading provider of electronic healthcare solutions. By tapping into Taiwan vast electronic industry the potential for providing new age solutions using advanced technology to ease & comfort ailments that commonly plague the elderly & sick can finally become reality. With heavy investment in R&D over the past 10 years we have finely tuned our experience in the design, development and production of healthcare products. This has been combined with thorough market research and indepth consultation with the medical professional so that all our products are designed to meet every aspect of our user needs.
Our primary focus at present -why lie when you can float!

Our primary focus at present is our range of Anti-decubitus bedsores air pump and mattress system. Quite literally our users feel they are floating on air. With the most sophisticated functions available on the market, these versatile products are designed to relief aches and soreness in anyone that finds themselves bedridden for any period of time.

Anti-Decubitus air pump series
All SEQUOIA ‘s “Anti-Decubitus air pump series” includes many helpful standards and advanced features, its completely micro-processor controlled with user friendly controlled panel, low air loss and advanced innovative operating design and provides a cost-effective total replacement solution. At the alternative system,the low air loss holes on the mattress also provide good ventilation(option) and keep patients dry from humidity. For ease of care taking, the mattress can be easily changed back to flat surface (static mode) within a very short period of time.

With all serial of mattress replacement system consisted of Low,Medium,High risk air cells at the top and a layer at the bottom. This arrangement provides a cost-effective total replacement solution.
All SEQUOIA ‘s “Anti-Decubitus air pump series” is specially designed for the overlay mattress market. It meets the needs of todays cost conscious health care industry.

The complete air pump was control by electronic components,building in program to control all function operate,electronic pressure sensor to detect every cycle/functions pressure range…… , so that the caregiver can more easily & effectively operate.

The regular features also include quick connector, visual & audio alarm for low air pressure and power off. Other special functions are described in specification list.

All SEQUOIA ‘s “Anti-Decubitus air pump series” provides a whole range of products for different applications and needs, such as alternating pressure relief treatment, true low air loss treatment and multi-rotation treatment.

All SEQUOIA ‘s “Anti-Decubitus air pump series” is equipped with high volume airflow blower and designed with 3 different operating methods –Static ,Alternating and Care Mode operation.
Alternating operation- the caregiver can set up the pressure output capacity with fixed cycle time according to the individual patient’s needs.
Static operate- provides true low air loss treatment with differential pressure support according to body weight. Care Mode operation- Care giver press this buttom will keep mattress for 30Mins in static status then change to previously selected mode, This mode will make easier caregivers to do massage treatment or changing clothes or bed sheet for patient, this new function will be very appreciate by caregiver. Or even w/o 30 mins, caregive want to earlier finish Care mode, if caregiver only remember previously mode but doesnt remember previously position and pressure range, caregiver just press previously mode then the pump have memory to return to previously pressure and position.

Brand new and Innovate design- In our some range of Pump model has equipped with features which can be base on patients weigh to decide what properly pressure can be suitable to Patient(7600D/8600D only). While Patient from lying position to Sitting position, our pumps also can automatic detect pressure change then re-output more pressure to mattress to make sure patient can sitting on the mattress more comfortable(7600E/8600E only).

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