Seodo Products Ltd.

9B 10 LT 111, Wonsi-dong, Danwongu, Ansan-Si, Gyeonggi-Do
425-852 Ansan
Korea (Rep.)

Phone: +82 31 491-9670
Fax: +82 31 493-9841

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Seodo Products Ltd. Office: +82-(0)31-491-9670, FAX: +82-(0)31-493-9841
Company Figures
Year of foundation 1994
Area of business Commodities and Consumer Goods for Surgeries and Hospitals

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About Us
Welcome to Seodo Products Ltd.

Seodo Products Ltd. was established by Seodo Engineering founded in 1994. Seodo Engineering has been successfully and professionally manufacturing, installing and automating metering machines for foams and gels. These range from parts of the cockpit-module, door trims and sheeting in cars to the utilities of these machines. Seodo groups constantly develop and improve products based upon specialist feedback received directly from our customers. Seodo Products Ltd. will devote all our efforts to provide our customers high quality products and services under the motto, ‘For Your Comfortable Life’.

Now we also manufacture and provide the products for healthcare, pressurecare and operating room positioning.

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