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KARL STORZ – Trendsetter for modern endoscopy
Modern endoscopy has revolutionized medical diagnostics and surgical technique, and the name of KARL STORZ is closely associated with this development. By introducing the cold light projector and the HOPKINS® rod lens telescope in the 1960s, KARL STORZ took endoscopy to an entirely new level. The transmission of large quantities of light into the body, which was now possible, and the reception of high quality images from the body created the foundation for the enormous boom in endoscopy over the following years. Further pioneering developments, such as the ultrasonic lithotripter for crushing stones in the urinary system, the automatically controlled RF surgical unit, AUTOCON®, or the miniature endoscope series equally represent milestones in the progress of endoscopy as well as in product development by KARL STORZ.

Today the name KARL STORZ stands for innovative, cutting edge achievements in all fields of endoscopic medicine. The Swabian company, founded in 1945, has developed into a global cor-poration with 4000 employees and numerous branches in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa.

Over the past years, minimally invasive surgery has been the primary challenge for the compa-ny’s creativity. This technique, which has been well received by the public, is essentially charac-terized by its use of extremely small, i.e. “minimally invasive” approaches. The wound caused by opening an approach to the specific focal diseased site is therefore very minor compared to open surgery. However, the endeavor to perform surgical procedures originally designed for open surgery under the conditions of a small endoscopic approach has made completely new demands on the instrument set used. The solutions that KARL STORZ has been able to offer to these problems have once again proven that the Tuttlingen-based company is, as always, one of the decisive trendsetters in endoscopic achievement.

Similarly in the field of video technology, which is so important today, KARL STORZ continues to produce groundbreaking developments. The increasing complexity of interventions makes it ne-cessary to allow simultaneous observation and documentation, which can only be realized by high-quality video technology applied to endoscopy. KARL STORZ was quick to recognize this demand and also promoted the development of endoscopic video technology. The introduction of the first endoscopic 3-chip camera or the digital image-processing module (IPM) were vital steps towards an image quality that meets the extreme requirements of medical diagnostics. Now KARL STORZ has introduced the Endovision TRICAM® 3D, a three-dimensional endoscopic video system that dispenses with the usual heavy headsets, thus permitting much more con-venient access to 3D technology.

The latest development is the digital camera platform, IMAGE1TM, with which the optical image is converted into digital signals immediately after the image chip. This means that a complete digital video chain can be created – from image acquisition through to image storage – which brings the benefit of uniform, uncompromised image quality and straightforward, convenient further processing.

The new OR1TM system from KARL STORZ offers a comprehensive concept for integrating numerous new techniques into an efficient operating room of the future. The modular design makes it possible to progressively integrate central control, data processing and management as well as telemedicine into your existing operating room.

In addition to instruments for human medicine, KARL STORZ also manufactures endoscopes and instruments for veterinary medicine and industrial endoscopy.

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