STRATEC Biomedical Systems AG

Gewerbestr. 37
75217 Birkenfeld

Phone: +49 7082 7916-0
Fax: +49 7082 7916-999


Company Figures
Number of employees 100-499
Sales volume 50-99 Mio US $
Export content max. 75%
Year of foundation 1979
Area of business Laboratory Equipment

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About us
Based on its own patent-protected technologies STRATEC Biomedical Systems AG designs, develops and produces fully automated systems for partners in clinical diagnostics and biotechnology.These partners, mainly global players in the in vitro diagnostics industry, sell the STRATEC analysers to laboratories and research institutes throughout the world as system solutions together with their reagents.

In recent years there have been two essential reasons for STRATEC to put the main focus on this target group of global diagnostics companies:Over the past years the global players in the diagnostics industry have downsized or outsourced their internal departments in charge of the development of laboratory systems in order to reduce cost and increase efficiency.Moreover, it has been the long lasting experience and the close relationship to the customer base including large-scale corporations that have made STRATEC become an esteemed and competent partner.

The OEM partnerships concluded with diagnostics companies are a fundamental corner stone of STRATEC’s business model. Whilst the diagnostics companies bring their inherent core competence in the development of reagents and test systems to the OEM partnership it is STRATEC’s responsibility to transform manual laboratory techniques into automated processes. “Integrated solutions” featuring significantly reduced development times are the result of this symbiosis of competencies between the diagnostics companies and STRATEC.

The high level of qualification of its workforce permits STRATEC to offer complete solutions to its OEM partners (“everything from a single source”). All elements of these complete solutions such as hard and software, documentation, regulatory support and consulting can be provided by STRAETC “in-house”.

Due to marketing reasons the systems developed and produced by STRATEC are commercialised by STRATEC’s OEM customers under their own brand names. Besides a significant reduction of expenditures for marketing and sales resulting from this distribution channel the conclusion of long-term development and supply contracts ensures a long-term planning horizon for sales and revenues.

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