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BioMaric is a Belgian biotechnology company specialised in the development of diagnostic ELISA assays for infectious diseases (such as HIV, HCV and HTLV) used for blood bank screening and laboratory diagnostics.

In order to guarantee the highest possible performance (sensitivity and specificity), Biomaric is developing and applying unique HUMAN monoclonal antibodies derived from immune cells obtained from infected individuals.

Once an assay has been fully developed, BioMARIC transfers the manufacturing-technology to selected partners for local manufacturing in their own home countries. Biomaric further supplies those partners with all critical reagents (antibodies and antigens) fully quality controlled for ELISA manufacturing. Partners produce the kit in their own premises, based on the production protocol, training and guidance as provided by BioMARIC. The resulting product is sold under the partner’s own label.

In addition to the transfer of full manufacturing technology, Biomaric also offers to the diagnostic market coated plates for further Elisa kit manufacturing as well as its critical biomaterials for use in other test formats. From the last quarter of 2008 onward Biomaric will also provide an OEM manufacturing service in order to offer full kits under the label of the partner .

The first product developed at Biomaric was the HIV 4th generation ELISA assay which is now being successfully commercialized in several countries all over the world. The HIV 4th generation ELISA assay is able to simultaneously detect antibodies to HIV and the HIV virus itself (p24 antigen) in blood samples of HIV-infected persons. This product is ranked as the best performing ELISA kit worldwide. Other kits presently available are a HIV 3th generation assay and a HIV antigen only (p24) assay of exceptionally high sensitivity.

Biomaric is constantly looking for PARTNERS who are interested in selling the Biomaric ELISA kits under their own label, whether by acquiring the full manufacturing technology or by purchasing critical biomaterials, coated plates or complete OEM kits. BioMARIC can assist in obtaining CE-label.


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