ChipSoft B.V.

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1033 SP Amsterdam

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Company Figures
Year of foundation 1986
Area of business Communication and Information Technology

Company Profile

ChipSoft B.V.
In 1986 ChipSoft began developing software products for medical specialists and various hospital departments. In 1994 we introduced our first hospital information system. In 2001 ChipSoft played a pioneering role with the launch of the first integrated Windows-based care information system: the Electronic Care Information System (CS-ECIS).

ChipSoft always has focused exclusively on supplying the health care sector. We are a household name for powerful ICT solutions within Dutch hospitals. Although our products are already used in six European countries, ChipSoft is still a purely Dutch software house. Our staff’s thorough knowledge of health care has proven to be invaluable for implementation and support.

You can Depend on Us
With CS-ECIS, ChipSoft offers care institutions a complete range of products and services. This creates a single point of contact for all your computerization questions.

The CS-ECIS, which supports various care processes, is divided into the following concepts: inpatients, outpatients, order communication, EPR generation (Electronic Patient Record), invoicing and procedure administration. In a single system, patient records, planning schedules, patient flow organization, medication and administrative transactions are processed and made readily comprehensible.

Of course, both the concepts and the various functionalities can be implemented independently, without the complete implementation of the CS-ECIS being necessary. These concepts and functionalities can be deployed optimally within your care institution and the integration with any systems already present is guaranteed.

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