Chinesport S.p.A.

Via Croazia, 2
33100 Udine

Phone: +39 0432 621-621
Fax: +39 0432 621-620
Company Profile

Our company
Diagnosis and aids for elderly and disabled people

Since 1976 in Italy exists a company who’s mission it is to supply for all these activities the necessary equipment.

Researches and develops at global level all solutions, even the most technologically advanced ones, who will serve hospitals, clinics, physiotherapy centres, cure and rest homes, professionals and private end-users to increase the quality of their activity and the life of their patients.

Dedicates highest attention to the products during all the process, starting with a closely examined planning, controlling every single production step, completing with accurate packaging.

Chinesport operates through a certified quality management and avails itself of numerous qualified collaborations for the research of products who will meet the user’s requirements.

Chinesport : Experience and know-how to improve the quality of life of all those who , for working reasons or necessity , are close to the fields of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, diagnosis and aids for elderly and disabled people.

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