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Slovak Republic

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Water is natural part of man’s life. It quenches thirst, cleans, cools down, alternatively heats, acts as calmative and massage aid. Simply, it brings health. Water is pure and single. Even though it proves to do mighty works. We take advantage of the water abilities and multiply its effects by making wide range of products dedicated for water-cure. Our ancestry recognized the curative effects of water from time immemorial. They proved to take an intuitive care about their health by having used water in combination with massage. Massage is one of the eldest and most easiest form of therapy. “The road toward health and vigour” is the slogan of the Chirana Progress Ltd. and it gives the outline how to bring health and pleasure of life with the help of Chirana Progress products.

Chirana Progress Ltd. was founded in 1997, having been established on the 40 years tradition in production of medical devices in Piestany . It belongs to the Mediprogress Group, which is engaged in production and sale of the medical devices. From the beginning the main program was the production of hydrotherapy equipment, which was widened with new products in the area of mechanotherapy and inhalation therapy.

All products are designed with the aim to offer perfect function, streamline design, simple handling and high reliability to the customer.

Therefore it is needless to say that Chirana Progress Ltd. dedicates an extraordinary attention to the quality of its production. The management system of quality production is certified according to the ISO 13485 designated for medical devices production. All products of Chirana Progress Ltd. meet criteria of the European directive and can be labeled with the CE mark.. Selected products pass severe certificates of 3ECB. That is everything what guarantees high quality of production, reliability of the products.The care about a customer includes pre-sales consultations, delivery and after-sales service and technical maintenance during all life span of the products.

The objective of Chirany Progress is to enhance constantly the quality of products and services for the benefit of all customers and thus improve the quality of the life of the entire society.

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